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Jan 30, 2013

An excoriating classic, and an absolute must read,
29 Sep 2006
Reviewer: Shuman Hussein (London)

An incredible and powerful work, written with a passion and precision that, even by Dawkins' own dizzying standards, is an absolute joy to behold.

Throughout, Dawkins shows a dogged determination to get to the heart of the issues, unshackled from the usual political correctedness, polite convention, or just plain bone-headed denial that plagues most discussions and debates on this subject. Aside from Buddhism, which he considers to be more a philosophical construct than anything else, no major religion is spared his scrutiny, and it makes powerful reading.

Yet, despite the unflinching analysis and forensic dissection of all the many guises of faith and religion that Dawkins endeavours to tackle in his book, there is also much warmth and humour to find here and I suspect many readers will be surprised by this considering Dawkins' usual style.

To put it simply, it is a cracking good read, but that is to grossly understate the significance and importance of this book in our current times. 'God Delusion' is a vital book, and one, more than any other that I can think of in recent times, that should become essential reading for anyone and everyone with the slightest interest in the subject of God, whichever side of the fence they sit. Of course, that is wishful fantasy, as most religionists will be avoiding this book like the proverbial plague. Perhaps that should be no surprise as this book is likely to be nothing short of devastating for any reader of 'faith' who may be courageous enough to pick up this book with the genuine interest of re-examining their ideas and belief systems.

Still, it is certainly most heartening to see that the 'God Delusion' is now number one in the Amazon UK bestseller list, and close to that position in the US chart even before it's official release there. Without a doubt this book will become an established classic text, even more so than his other works, and will be talked about and debated over for many years to come.

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