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Jan 30, 2013

Though I was forced to be a Catholic, in my heart, from my earliest memories, I was an atheist. When leaving my home at the age of eighteen, I was able for the first time to declare this fact when asked what my religion was. It was the most wonderful feeling that I ever experienced, to be honest in this respect. However, I would listen to the other side without presenting mine, feeling strongly that I did not want to do to others what was done to me during my religiously abusive childhood.

Because of this perspective, I was critical of Dawkins all out approach of challenging religious conviction and beliefs. I did not want to become like them.

Now with reading this fantastic, superb, and perfect presentation of his, he has won me over to his argumentative style. Bully for you, Richard!

Atheists have been bullied hard and long enough by supporters of religious superstition. Believers in religious superstitions may not be the majority of people on the planet after all, as most atheists, for various reasons, do not even admit their atheism to themselves, less to others.

If armies of atheists begin challenging and not just listening to everyday religious superstitions like the uttering of 'In God we trust' (I trust only in my ability to find out what is right to do on my own, and learn from my mistakes, a wonderful experience that I have never cease to love, giving endless meaning to my life), then logical and rational reasoning will exponentially increase on earth. The dwindling supporters of religious superstitions will be replaced by rational thinkers, thriving to truly improve our human lot, because it is just us chickens here, no God.

Atheists Unite!

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