Good, Wed, Jan 30 2013 #(361)

Jan 30, 2013

Hi Richard and Team,

Totally chuffed with the site, just been watching Huw Edwards interview-
really lucid good answers. Getting very powerful. The Colbert iv was great

Ive got my tickets reserved for Oxford. Ill be bringing my 80's copy of the
Blind Watchmaker. Its the book which convinced me. The evidence of evolution
does it- its just a shame the religous dont actually read about evolution.
You must get so so bored of the same old questions!!!!

Just a point for the RD net team- if you type Dawkins or Richard Dawkins
on Google you get the old unofficial site- with no events etc. this has not
been updated since 2001!! Any chance you can get rid of this as it looks
bad considering how proffesional the .net is!!!

Well done and good luck in USA Richard!!

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