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Jan 30, 2013

I am so pleased to find this website; the more I read of Richard Dawkins, the more I appreciate his clarity of thought and gift for presentation.

As an activist in the Minnesota version of the Democratic Party (DFL, or Democrat-Farmer-Labor); I was dismayed to find so many people talking about how we lost the 2004 election because of the “values” vote. We lost the presidency for other reasons, including the turnout of people with fundamentalist values.

The response has been to add “People of Faith” caucuses to show the Republicans that We Too have Values based on faith. Well, some of us do, but then, some of us don't. And, I think that this bleating obscures the real necessities of governing. The most important things that government should be doing are solving problems that face the governed, with the consent of the governed, and using the best research-based advice.

Whether it comes from sociologists, biologists, geologists, oceaonographers or from whatever science; the solutions that we try to find must be testable. Faith is not testable in relation to its effect on the outside world, it can be revelatory only (and so error can't be tested in a reliable way.)

Richard Dawkins, thanks for being so outspoken. I hope that with you as well other writers such as Sam Harris, that eventually mankind will be led by reason to create a better world.

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