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Jan 30, 2013

I only recently got my own copy of The God Delusion and recently discovered your website and I would like to send many thanks, and all my support, your way. I found myself absolutely fascinated and engaged by Dawkins' witty, articulate, enlightening, and insightful presentation, analysis, and writings.

I am a 16 year-old from Seattle, Washington, USA, and in the height of junior year of high school, the work of Mr. Dawkins (and others like Sam Harris) has inspired me to bring religion, science, and reason to the forefront of the foci of my life as I head for college, graduate school, and a career(s). Someone in another letter mentioned being “an atheist, if inarticulate” and this is perhaps applicable to myself, and Mr. Dawkins work has given me an arsenal of arguments, founded in reason and science, some of which support underlying ideas I have, yet have been unable to articulate, even in my own head. As a junior in high school, I have a lot of work and a stack of Mr. Dawkins work that is currently trumped simply by my pressing academic priorities – for my classes. But, I look forward to the summers and breaks when I can indulge in some of the most insightful and engaging writing on some of the most current and pressing matters in America and the world generally, presented by Mr. Dawkins.

I frequently scoff at the entire humorous concept of fan-mail, but I truly hope that I will be able to see Mr. Dawkins speak, and maybe even MEET him one day. Come over to America and get out to Washington!

With my thanks and support.


An American Youth

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