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Jan 30, 2013

After I read TIME's God vs. Science article/debate, I felt compelled to write to you (via this wonderful forum of opinion) to congratulate you. Your points came across very clear and consistently, as they always do.

On the other hand, Dr. Collins (an outstanding individual, no doubt) portrayed himself as a Scientist, who does not really believe in Science. His "God outside of nature" explanation for god's existence, is just as insane as a real mathematician fabricating a cardinal number "outside of mathematics" to support an equation's result.

I am no Scientist but I consider myself a man of Science. I have empirically come to the conclusion, that the believing-in-God-position must be associated with a chemical agent in our body. Like my loving wife of 26 years says, "I know it does not make much sense (believing in God), but it sure makes me feel good".

Nevertheless, I was deeply perturbed to hear once again, but now from a "Scientist", that human beings are still regarded as the grandest, ultimate achievement of a god (any god). Talk about hyper-Narcissism. That morals and ethics are the exclusive realm of religious faith (Judeo-Christian faith, of course). And that the nature, reasoning, and will of this super-god that rules over the Universe, have ultimately been understood by a modern "Scientist"

Having said as much, I will continue to dangerously stray from the majority, aspiring for a world-society free of mysteries and the super-natural. One truly based, upon understanding and reason. This belief makes my feel-good-juices flow 🙂


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