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Jan 30, 2013

After reading 'The God Delusion' I feel compelled to write to you. I
have been pretty close in the past, after reading all of your other
excellent books.

With regard to the chapter that discusses the abuse of children by
religious indoctrination I thought I would relate a conversation I had
with my mother about 10 years ago in Belfast.

After a glass of wine or two we had turned our thoughts to the 'Irish
problem'. We were both in agreement that the indoctrination of
children received at school and church was one o the major reasons why
the unreasoned hatred for the 'other' community was perpetuated,
seemingly with now end in sight.

Our conclusion? Simple, we decided to suggest to our government that
no child under the age of 16 be allowed into a place of worship, to
worship, until they had reached their 18th birthday (21st Birthday in
the US!). A bouncer checking 'IDs' outside the church every Sunday
morning should be provided (maybe by the United Nations)!

Visiting a church with an atheist adult for history classes and
cultural ventures would be allowed.

Incidentally my atheist enlightenment came from understanding that the
attraction of two magnets could be explained by physics! I used to
carry two plastic magnetic turtles into my Belfast Sunday 'school' in
the hope that they would repel the irrational lunacy that I was being
force fed, and attract some rational thought.

Anyhow, please keep writing.

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