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Jan 30, 2013

I was a high school student attending New Life Church. I have always found the fanatic behavior and the craze of the people who surely believe and are convinced that the bible is the only truth very peculiar. Richard Dawkin's documentary “The Root of All Evil” has cleared me up so much and my life makes so much more sense. I pity those dogmatic conservative christians who are so assured of their stone age ethics and reasonings, because they miss out on the true beauty of the nature. Evolution is proven many ways to be true. Only idiots would believe that the world was created in seven days. It is science and there is no reason not to teach it in science class. Now, I am still amazed at the complexity of nature. But it is nature itself, and not such a sill book written by cavemen, that reveals to us the truths of this world. I have finally found my true religion, which is no religion.

Thank you! The world needs more people like you.(And the entire scandal about Pastor Ted is just ironic don't you think)

Boulder, Colorado

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