Good, Wed, Jan 30 2013 #(525)

Jan 30, 2013

I have read The God Delusion, and commend you for writing such a well researched and informative book.

I am a biologist, teacher and practicing Roman Catholic. I delight in your arguments exposing the dangers associated with fundamentalism of any type. While I do not agree with some of your assertions throughout the book, I nevertheless respect your view and the logic you use to argue them. I certainly respect and defend unquestionably your right to freely express and argue your ideas in a 21st century democracy. As a Christian, I share your sadness of the many terrible things in the history of humanity that have their genesis in religion. I hope we can learn from them in the spirit of Zeitgeiest. I also am deeply saddened by the vitriolic hatred and hysterical attacks on you personally by those citing themselves as defending religious faith of whatever persuasion. These people are an embarrassment and are to be pitied. Despite some reactionary reviews that cite you as unfairly attacking Christianity, I actually felt that while you clearly argue from an atheist position, your arguments are directed to an attack on ideas rather than personal attacks; in fact you have been very balanced in your assessment of some of the more recent issues of religion that are otherwise exaggerated by many media reports (i.e. pp 315-316). In conclusion, I believe that your arguments serve to provide reasoned debate as to how a modern society can move forward.

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