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Jan 30, 2013


I've finished the book and so will not be troubling you again. Excellent piece about child religious abuse – i agree entirely. Some points again to feed into your discussions:

1.>>Interested to see female circumcism but not male circumcism. I think that male circumcism is something that should be banned as the child has no say in it – it is physical abuse and the jews celebrate this. If their God had developed the perfect beings in humans, why did he/she put too much skin around the foreskin? Sorry the hygiene issue simply does not wash.

2.>> I like your description about the brain and have been thinking that this is actually a computer building models and filtering what it doesn't need. Like yourself I assumed that the brain was good at dealing with the here and now i.e. Newtonian physics and not the Einsteinain physics. I would push this arguement further. If you watch a dog catching a frisbee/ball – wonder about the physics that must be going on to work out where the ball/frisbee will land. We use Newtonian physics every day in our lives to make decisions – it may be that these physics are made easy by our brain. It may be that there is a filtering going on within our brain so that the physics follows a simple formula. I don't want to get esoteric here – a principle of science is that any experiment must be observed and it is the observation that may also iumpact th experiment.

3.>>The key issue here is to experiment with these phenomena we don't know about. Accept that there is no God but do NOT assume anything else – we need good science to back up what we believe. It does amaze me that we haven't got more people making experiments on the religious stuff – provoing or disproving.

Paul Brelsford

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