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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Sir ,

having doubts all my life , reading your book was a , for lack of a better word , a THRILL !

Never the less , having talk to Dr. M. Schmidt Salomon , He came up with the notion that most so called “Christians” are
in fact not realy “Believers” … but more like … Cherry picking “Christians” !!!
At least in Europe , the US is a different story , all together !

Never the less , I was , and still am tryin`to talk to people about “believing” but there is little doubt in my mind that most people are in fact SCARRED talking about the subject !!!
Never having expierienced DOUBTS , or , as I suspect , are just afraid to question something that they have been told all there life … a true Convert sends greetings from Germany !


H.Kleinschrot jun.

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