1. I’ve always been a little jealous of Sir David Attenborough ; but then again he provides me with such excellent TV material.

  2. Dear Prof.Dawkins. Did you need a Royal permit to step on to Her Majesty’s new domain? 😉

  3. Thanks for sharing your photos! They have great content and asymmetrical balance. Have fun! and enjoy the rest of your cruise.

  4. Bright and clear photographs.Lovely.
    My favourite photographs are the icebergs.Love the vivid blue colours of the sea and how we can see the outline of the icebergs underneath the water too.
    Thank you Richard Dawkins and enjoy the rest of your cruise.A well deserved rest.
    RD has reminded me to re-watch my ‘Life in the Freezer’ and ‘The Frozen Planet’ dvd’s!

  5. This iceberg resembles a piece of lemon meringue pie, only blue!

    Reminds me of a sensory trick experiment – if a person is given a food which had its color changed,
    can said person determine what the true flavor is?

  6. The ship he’s on features in the ‘Mighty Ships’ TV series. It’s quite a small luxurious cruise ship and the trip down there dodging or confronting weather fronts is an adventure in itself.
    Antarctica is on my ‘bucket list’.

  7. Is it the acid in their stomach’s turns their food red? It looks like cooked prawns, which is like krill, I suppose

  8. Fulmar stuff is really green in my experience, but I dont think they eat krill. Ignore this if you want, I’ll find out myself. Cheers now. Enjoy.

  9. Wonderful photo of these beautiful penguins! Peace and good fortune to you in the land of Way Down Under.

  10. The teal blue water at the base of the iceberg is amazing. Waters beyond look deep and black…and very cold.

  11. Hi Richard. You could take the pope with you next time in a ballon. He is blowing that much hot air at the moment that you could circumnavigate the planet.

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