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Jan 29, 2013

Im Owen Cartagena, 31, married. Living here in Austin, Texas. Im an Immigrant from the Philippines, particularly in the island of Cebu.

My parents were hardcore Born Again Christians, and brought me up to believe like them, but in all those years, ever since I was in elementary,
I already have questions about Gods existence, and where can I see Him, if he really exist.

As I grew and mature, i began to realize that it was all creative imagination. Im not a convert, but ive been an Atheist all my life, even though I was born
with pentecostal parents.

Now, im married to a devoted Roman Catholic. I told my wife about my belief in Atheism, and she almost divorce me for that. But i manage to talk to her,
and we made an agreement not to talk about Atheism in the house. but the fire with in me would love to shout it to the whole world, and convince all
my friends that SCIENCE is what its all about.

Im always inspired by you, your youtube videos, and i go to forums and debate about evolution vs creationism. I dont have your book yet, but lll buy it
when I save enough money.

Thank you for leading the way, and hope see more of your videos.

Best Regards,


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