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Jan 29, 2013

i’m from Mexico and my english is not excelent but i’ll give it a try.

i came from a catholic family, i’ve gone thru all catholic events a boy must go through, but i’ve always had doubts.
when i was 5 years old i ask my father why do we had a tortured man on our wall, he said “it’s the way we remember the sacrifice jesus did for us”

when i was 7 or 8 i wonder if god likes doing circus like acts. i asked that to a catholic priest i told him i didn’t understand why if jesus, god and the holy spirit are the same god -the holy trinity- they appear in separate ways along the bible. like jesus baptism, the crucifixion, the dinner of emmaus (i guess, don’t remember well). the priest told me that those are things god did for us so we can know him as a loving father… a loving father who killed his own son for our sins.

i was a huge fan of dinosaurs so my mother use to buy me books about it, of course you can imagine my questions then.
when did adam and eve get into history?
how old the earth was when they appear, and if god made everything in 6 days how long is a god day in human years??

so i decided to read the bible and i was 12 years old, then i became atheist for some years, the god my parents teach me is a beloving, caring, nice old man in the sky, but also they told me about the devil, hell and things like pain, suffering and eternal torment. but i read about a very different god, a very very nasty ona.
about that time i started listening to heavy metal and my father bougth me a christian book about satanism in music, he was concerned because my room became a demons lair (so he said) with the heavy metal posters i hang on my walls. in that book they talked much about led zeppelin and stairway to heaven backwards. the first thing i did after reading that book was, obviously, buy a led zeppelin album.
when i was 17 my father send me to a catholic camp for troubled kids. when i came back i was in love with a french girl who went there to, so i started going to church and talking about religion, but it was only because of her. that romance came to nothing so i became atheist again. hehe. and then my father give up.

here in mexico, as in other countries people use to say “es la voluntad de dios” God’s will, or “dios sabe porque pasan las cosas” god knows why things happen, and my problem is that saying those things make people feel better about their mistakes and avoid the responsability of doing the right thing.

when my mother died last year i was in real deep confusion, no one likes to think that it’s over forever, i guess that’s why religions keep on going, they give comfort upon death.

so i’m an atheist since i was very young. when internet fell in my hands i started looking for conferences or videos, of course i got to your videos and let me tell you it felt so good to finaly found someone to explain clearly and in very easy words, not what atheism is but why.

thank you so much.

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