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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins

I’m Nirmal a biology student from India. i was brought up in a society that worship everything that they see. as you know i come form a country that has something around 330 million gods and i have never seen a guy who dare to spaek about not believing in them. i then got in to a bachelors degree in zoology in a christian college run by American missionary where i saw my first fossil in my life a trilobite, i became so interested in evolutionary biology from then and i stared expecting my staffs to teach evolution in the fourth semester, but i was shocked when the course teacher in the very first class introduced himself and said that he is a believer and he dosent believe in evolution, he just teaches evolution because he has to finish off the course. i then came to know how hostile people (religious) are towards evolution.
then one fine morning i found your book ‘The Selfish Gene’ my the college library, i read, reread the book over a dozen times and wondered how wonderful the contents are, i then read about you in the Internet and bought almost all your books, the book that changed me was ‘The God Delusion’-a fantastic piece of work that completely changed my way of thinking- i became an atheist.

i am now in a masters course in Biotechnology and stil in the new college i have a bunch of professors who are creationists and don’t believe in Evolution. i’ts their ignorance and Professor Dawkins you are the Best! cause your words have rescued a guy lost in a sea gods and false beliefs.

thank you Professor.

Tamil Nadu,India

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