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Jan 29, 2013

Dr. Dawkins,

I guess I have never believed in God. When I was younger I attended Sunday school and enjoyed myself. I colored in the coloring books, and read the stories that they showed me. I really like these stories, but I do not think I ever believed that they were true. I think I thought of them as the same as the stories of those like: Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and so on. I guess I would call myself agnostic in youth, but once I became older and more educated I realized of the almost certainty that I was a non-believer.

I would have to agree with Sam Harris though on his point that we shouldn’t call ourselves anything (atheist, secularist, humanist, etc…), but I do claim the label of “atheist” because in a world where religion is held so high, it helps to show that I do not believe. Standing out does have its consequences though. I have lost friends and made my relationships with family tougher. I would have to say that even though it was/is tough, it is well worth it. I have recently started my own blog ( ) on my lack of faith and how I feel about religion. I have received some pretty good feedback from friends (religious or not) about it, and I will continue to express myself. I will be posting this email on my blog so that those who read know how I feel about your work.

Enough with that. I would like to say thank you. You and other authors who write for reason give the human existence a chance for survival. I firmly believe that if the human race is to continue in success, we need to shed ourselves of religious dependency. I have only read The God Delusion so far, but when I am in a position to buy your other books (I am currently a poor college student), I will surely read them.

Thank you so much for expressing yourself and shed the light of reason on the human population.


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