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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Richard,

I have just turned 35 years old. I was cristened as a child and attended church from a young age and never doubted that there was not a god until I started to get a bit older and was able to think for myself. Wth so much evil occuring in the world and prayer apon prayer being said every Sunday but never heard; i wondered is there someone listening?

For years i have had real doubts about the existance of a god but have never wanted to openly admit this as everyone around me seemed to be good christain people.

Only up until about a year ago i saw one of my work colleuges reading the God Delusion by someone called Richard Dawkins. I had never heard of the book or the author but asked if i could borrow it.

I was blown away !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had been told for years that the one and only book that you would ever need in life was the bible. I now know that this is wrong. The only book that you must read before you die is “The God Delusion”. It contains all of the answers that I have been racking my mind for years over.

I watched all of the Dawkins season on more 4 (which was superb) and have found that once you start to talk to people about religion the more and more people you find do not believe in god and are not scared to admit it. Is this the changing face of society or are people sick of being told what to think and not how to think (your words – thanks).

I now find religion more interesting now than what I did before i became an aeithiest (not sure that you can become one as there are no websites that allow you to convert from cristianity to aetheism but you can easily be born again any time).

My sincerest thanks to you for answering the questions that i have been asking myself for years.

I now have a lot of reading to catch up with, my next book is A devil’s chaplin followed by the selfish gene followed by the bible……………….not for the meaning of life but for somelight entertainment.

Best regards,

Derek Geyer

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