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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,

being the daughter of a muslim father and a catholic mother people might think I’d end up confused… on the contrary. It only made me more skeptic and, although my childhood wasn’t bright at all, I thank my parents for this interesting education. I still see it as an experiment.
People tend to ask ‘Did you become an atheist because your parents have two different religions?’, I give them something to think about when I answer ‘I never “became” an atheist, they just never fooled me into becoming religious.’

Believe me, it took me a decade to be able to say this out loud. I always felt like an outsider, I never really believed in a God because it never made sense to me (as a child you obey but it doesn’t mean you are convinced) and I never heard of the word ‘atheism’ simply because it was never a subject. So I always felt a bit alone in my world of non-believer although I knew there must be other people like me. And then several years later I saw ‘The God Delusion’ at the book store… I immediately bought it, and while reading only the first pages I already felt at home. Like I finally belong.

Thank you Professor Dawkins, for sharing your outstanding work with the world.

Kind regards,
Amira Bouchiba – Belgium

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