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Jan 29, 2013

Hello Mr. Richard Dawkins

I have in the past few months sent three e-mails to your contacts and now wish to send this one to converts corner. Many years ago, in my younger days, I was deeply involved in evangelical religion, but, after some rather unpleasant experiences and a great deal of deep thought, I came to the decision that I was no longer interested in organised religion and had grave doubts about the existence of ‘god’. To cut a long story short; after many years I suddenly became aware that I really did not believe in the supernatural at all but didn’t think too much more about it. However, after watching many programmes on the natural world, mostly by Sir David Attenborough, I have to say, and also listening to Richard Dawkins on TV, my consciousness was definitely raised to the fact of evolution and what a wonderful feeling that was after the slavery of religious belief.

I want to say a very big thankyou to Richard Dawkins for your wonderful books. I have read a lot of them either in braille or on audio CD and I will no doubt listen to them many times in the future. Please keep on writing your books and talking to us on TV and online. Your works are a pleasure to read and listen to. I have five sons and two daughters none of whom are religious either and my grand children are also not being raised with any religion other then what they are subjected to at school but we counter act that by telling them about evolution and the natural world and encouraging them to think for themselves. I hate the way religions target the very young and vulnerable; that was how I became involved with it and so it is now something I feel very strongly about.

I hope you have found some of my e-mails Mr. Dawkins; I just want you to know how much you are admired and enjoyed and, although you are not directly responsible for my conversion to atheism, you have certainly played a big part in educating me and my family in why we think as we do; thankyou so much.


Anne Maciver.

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