I would never be converted to Dawkinsnism, Tue, Jan 29 2013 #(1598)

Jan 29, 2013

Dear Mr. Dawkins’s followers,
If Mr. Dawkins were more intelligent than and as convincing as Einstein, I might deconvert. Of course I am joking, for I think religions are in many cases harmful, too, especially when they compete and want to prove superiority over other religions and beliefs. Also, we could never compare him to Einstein, it is simply absurd.
But I would like to provoke your critical thinking:

1) I just do not think that God (the Energy that moves us, the perfection of the Electrons, the never-ending and self-creating pure Energy, and many other things our vocabulary could not grasp) has much to do with all these quarrels. As a matter of fact, He/She and His/Her Messengers inspire both religion and science (you have probably heard of Saint Germain, Francis Bacon, Roger Bacon and many other beings that were clearly inspired by a superior plan). But the interpretation and use of the pure concepts is people’s own responsibility.

2) Also, I do not think human beings have good enough instruments to judge everything. Human personalities are barely civilised animals. We can have an approximate idea of things and from time to time we have sudden insights, but we are in a (Plato’s) cave and do not know much about REAL reality, although many people (Mr. Dawkins seem to be one of them) have this illusion.

3) The real religious experience is completely personal. Some enlighted Masters have come to talk about a way back home, but they are almost always misunderstood, and people fight because of their own interpretation of the Masters’ concepts. Anyway, mistakes cannot and should not invalidate the thing itself. As they say: Try against the dirty water, with an eye to save the baby!

4) Human personality is arrogant. It usually thinks that something it cannot understand either does not exist or is wrong. The intuition, however, indicates the opposite, and that is why we are still alive and have some hope. The Power that allows us to pronounce “I AM” does not need our permission to exist, though.

5) What happens if we try to answer the question: What is it that I AM? If we are honest enough when we ask this question, and if we ask it everyday, until we have a hint of an answer (not provided by someone else, but internally motivated), something different will occur.

6) If we believe in someone so strongly that we start and participate in a foundation bearing his/her name, and we defend this person’s ideas without doubting (or with small doubts that do not stop us), what is it other than a religion?

Since I do not believe in religions, but in a Power much more powerful than any religion or man/woman, I would never be converted to Dawkinsnism.

Best wishes,

Ricco Lima, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

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