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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Dr. Dawkins,

I find it very unfortunate to see people who deny science like evolution and others when they are so obviously true. I have given up my religion as well,christianity. after realizing how wrong religion must be I also realized how much more wonderful and elegant the world and the universe became. before i was really an atheist, more agnostic, I read the bible just to see how to matched up with modern science. it was filled with cool stories and magic, however i cant possibly see how people can base faith on it.

I compare the bible with as much inspiration and awe as alice in wonderland. it’s a nice story but undoubtable untrue. I then read on the origins of species and felt so much more enlightened. i felt a connection with the world and saw myself as part of this earth, not above it. what a wonderful thing it is to be an atheist. I had always loved science and read alot about different sciences, but by far evolution was the most enlightening. science should control how we act and make decisions, not religion.

I also find it unfortunate how many other people dont understand science and how much I do. I’m only 17 years old, on my last year of highschool and i understand the importance of science. that to me is pathetic when we have politicians who act on religion and suicide bombers killing people in the name of their god, and here i am just a teenager realizing the ignorance of the world. You are one of my biggest inspirations and i hope to persue a career in science, most likely physics.

If only the world looked through the same glass as we do we could get on with our lives instead of holy wars and make our world an amazing place with advancements in science.

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