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Jan 29, 2013

Dr. Dawkins First of all i want to apologize for my English.(Arabic is my native language) I’m grateful to live in the same time you are living as well, you are the light at the end of the tunnel i’ve been trying to reach for quit a while now, you really inspire me in so many ways. Well my story begins like this : i was bornAnd raised till age of 25 in Egypt, got married to my cousin that is an american citizen by birth after she moved back to egypt with her dad ( My Uncle). after His death we moved to the US so she can be close to her mother who is an american and was divorced and stayed here. I Forgot to mention that I’m Muslim and family are religious people i was Moderate. Life went stale between us and we got divorced after 6 years of marriage and i met an american Woman who is a devout Christiannot as much as her mother which i call a christen freak. the we got married. In Islam Males are allowed to marry any other Ibrahamic religious women as long as she believe in god and one of his books, unlike females in islamthey have to marry a Muslim. Well my goal was to convert my wife to Islam then i started to research christianity to find faults and mistakes in it to prove to her that it is not the true religion of god, well i found many and i was happy then I realized that according Islam i have to believe in christianity as well (Except that Jesus isnot son of god and he wasn’t crucified, god sent another in his image to get crucified and took Jesus to heavens). Then i told myself how can that be if christianity got lots of wrongs in it then islam must be as well, so i started searching and i found your Documentary Movies then i started to watch them then i noticed how senser and truthful you are and the look in your eyes and the sadness on your face when you meet people who are really closed minded, i told myself he must believe in what he say then i kept watching and to be honest with you i found myself agree with you in every aspect you discuss, before i know it my faith started to shake and the beautiful pictures started to fade away and see some of the hiding truth about religion. i found that you came out recently with 2 books, the god delusion and the Greatest show on earth, well to be honest with you i don’t have the money to buy both so i got the one that was available in Barnes and Nobles at that time which was The Greatest Show on earth. the more i read the book the more i realized that Evolution wasn’t just a theory as we were told and it did happen with all the evidence you have provided, then my faith kind of fall apart and i’m no longer a religious person, but still kind of hard to let all i have learned in the last 35 years, i think i need some kind of Closure to get rid of it all and i’m working hard on it (Almost there). Well I’M AFRAID to come out and let everyone know, i haven’t even told my son (9 years old) or my ex-wife, i know if i do i might get killed even by my own family, and i know for fact if i do tell them i will never be able to go back home for a visit i might get arrested and charged, and my family will never talk to me again and i hate that idea i cannot live with it. Although i have told my wife and every time i get my hand on a good Article or one of your Documentary i show her and we discuss it and i think she is leaning towards the rational thinking more and more. I want to come out and say it out loud but i’m Afraid, i don’t think i can, my son still raised as Muslim by his mother even if he lives with me but he goes to vist here 2 month every year and she teach him Islam and as hard and bad as that make me feel i still cannot tell her not to do so since i cannot say it out loud. I need your Help What should I Do? Thanks for your time and sorry that was a long email, i still got a lot more to say and talk about but i wouldn’t waste your time with personal story you must be a busy man 🙂 I also would like to offer any help that you may need or ask for at anytime, i have seen one of your interviews as you mentioned that you don’t really know a whole lot about Islam, I offer this because i don Know everything about islam and of course i can read write and speak Arabic fluently, i have all islamic sources that you may need to prove that we cannot get our Morals from islam as well, i Also can prove that the whole religion was built on Political and personal needs and desires of Mohammad (the prophet of islam) Thanks for your time Walid P.S. I will buy the other book The God Delusion to add to my collection

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