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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Richard,

First of all, you are amazing! The other day I started a Philosophy class. I was told to pick a topic to write about also to do a presentation on. Right away I choose religion. I’ve never been a religious person and have always questioned every aspect of it. I was doing some research and came across youtube videos about you and your book “The God Delusion”. EXACTLY what I needed to support what I wanted to write about for class! The only worry I have now is presenting it to the class without them killing me! You are so brave being so open about your views on religion. I have always avoided having a conversation about religion to people because they get sooo touchy, but after seeing your interviews I feel like I can come out of the closet! Thank you so much. I hope to visit an event and/or book signing soon!

Heather Geraghty

PS. By the way, after reading and watching videos about you I picked up your book “The God Delusion” right away! Thanks again.

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