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Jan 29, 2013

Mr. Dawkins,
I just recently finished your book, The God Delusion, and it has been a life altering experience. I was an atheist before I read the book, but I was internally scared to admit it for fear of social scrutiny. I have grown up in the American evangelical South, which you have most accurately described in your book, and I grew up hating the effect that religion had on daily life. This is where your book came in. Since reading your works, I am now halfway through The Greatest Show on Earth, I have gained a new appreciation for my own ideals and consider myself enlightened and open minded when compared to my acquaintances. I now proudly tell people that I am an atheist, and it is in a large part due to your works. I now view life as a much cherished gift, and am thankful for all of the infinite number of random events that had to occur in order for me to be able to sit and write you this letter. Thank you so much for all that you have done.

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