Inquisitional Tactics by Politicians – Scary , Good, Tue, Jan 29 2013 #(1604)

Jan 29, 2013

…Read the God Delusion years ago, which was an awakening for me, then, recently read a book about the Inquisition – murder on a grand scale, on direct orders from the Vatican. What scares me is the modern-day employment of inquisitional tactics by politicians – who claim god is on their side, that they communicate with and are directed by god. And, worst of all, they claim the right to “correct” and save non-believers. They want to force their beliefs on us, and our children. They constantly assert their absurd claim that America “was founded upon judeo-christian principles – an absolute fallacy. The “founding fathers”, considered Christianity a dangerous mythology. Because of Adams and Jefferson, and other framers, the word “god” does not appear in the constitution. The founders rejected any link between religion and government – any religious test as a pre-requisite to public office. And yet, today, I see people I would consider reasonable in every other way, professing their religion as if they thought it was necessary to get elected. Maybe it is, and that’s what is scary.

I’ll stop my rant now, but I’d like to hear the thoughts of others out there – How do we counter this threat to our freedom of thought, our privacy, and right to separation of church and state?

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