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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Mr. Dawkins,

My name is Sudesh Narine and by now you may have figured that I am a Hindu. I was born in Guyana then migrated to the United States back in 1995. When I was a child growing up in Guyana, I was about 8 years old. There was an elder Negro woman at our house to pick up her dress that my mother had sown for her. As she was waiting for her dress, I was in the yard playing with the dog and the cat. I would put the dog and the cat one at a time on the stairs and push them off to see which animal will continue to land on its feet as I get higher on the stairs. She saw what I was doing and shout to me and said “don’t do that, god is going to sin you”. At that moment I was too young to understand what she meant because I was not aware of god.

My parents were both Hindus, but not deeply religious and I had no understanding what Hinduism is. I then ask her, who is god? And where is he? She said god is watching you right now, but you can’t see him. He lives in heaven above the clouds and he is all around you; he can touch you but you can’t touch him. I looked up to the sky all I saw was clouds and sky. Nothing she said to me up to this moment makes sense. So I looked at her and said “I don’t see no god and I can’t feel god”. She then said “you can never see god unless you die, and if you were a good person when you die you will go to heaven and if you were bad he will put you in hell”. Now I had another question: What is hell? Well, we all know what hell is, so I don’t need to explain any further. Ever since I had question the existence of god and all of a sudden my brothers and sisters started going to Mandir and as you know I had no choice but it was kind a fun, there were lots of sweet food like parsad and mithai and we would sing bhajans, my brother was the tabla player.

Then came the axe, there were two pandits and the decided to split the mandir. That was the last time I attended any form of church. A few years have passed and I was now in high school and a friend of mine was a Christian so I started to do a bible studies but that did not get too far. I was still unbalanced at this point. My father was very intelligent and he reads a lot and became an atheist and teaches me about reason and science, unfortunately he died at age 76, on July 4 2010, and so did all of my brothers. I was lucky to have a father that allows me to think outside the box and understand that life does not need god, religion needs god. Although I lost my father and brothers, it makes me better understand life. This is the only life we have, and don’t waste it on religion with their stupid, petty belief of an afterlife myth. They turn their thoughts into gods due to ignorance and refuse to understand the facts of life. I find myself laughing at individuals who insult their intelligence by saying that there is a god, when compared to their explanation of a god.If you don’t understand something don’t call it a god, just leave it as is science will soon find out.

What ever is responsible for the infinite universe is unknown but it not a god and it don’t care about us, we are like a bacteria in the pacific ocean compared with the universe. Mr. Dawkins, I respect you as my father (not religiously) and Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris as my brothers. I would like to thank everyone of you for making it possible for people like myself not to be afraid of being an atheist, and sharing your knowledge to defend our self from these extreme religious nuts.

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