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Jan 29, 2013

I just finished reading The Selfish Gene and feel so energized and inspired! I can’t remember the last time a book I read elicited so much truly new and clear thinking. So here I was searching for other Dawkins books as I came across this…

Is Douglas Adams Richard’s only convert? Or is he just the first of many? Please write in to Converts’ Corner if you have lost your religion (or have been encouraged to come out of the closet) as a result of reading The God Delusion or other Dawkins books.

I wouldn’t say I am a convert, but I do feel free now to be fully confident in what I was pretty sure of before. Before I might have said that I didn’t really believe in God- or that if there was one it didn’t matter to me and my life- but I always felt like I was hedging it a bit. Although Reason definitely has been #1 for me for some time, I now feel utterly confident that there is no God. And instead of feeling lost (as I know some do), I have found this new, amazing fascination with science and this incredibly “magical” planet we live on! I was just saying to my husband how sad it is that science in school is so boring because, as I have recently discovered, it is completely riveting.

I look forward to reading Dawkins’ other works and just want to say thank you!


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