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Jan 29, 2013

My parents are Jehovah’s Witness, which meant the day I was born I was a Jehovah’s Witness as well.

After 19 years of my life I am now a proud atheist.

Throughout my childhood was what I now see as many years of indoctrination and conditioning of my brain. Since I can remember I had attended church (kingdom Hall) three times a week. In addition it was expected that you read the bible everyday. I was given a cassette of ‘My Bible Storys’ especially made for children to listen to as I fell asleep most nights. Jehovah was brought into nearly every aspect of my life. Before each meal we had to thank him for the food in front of us. If I were to go to my parents for any problems I had, questions or advice it was always answered in relation to god and the bible.

Jehovahs Witness’s are strongly opposed to a lot of things, the celebration of birthdays, political voting and blood transfusions to name a few. For example, if I was to have an accident where I would need a blood transfusion it would have been up to my parents to make the decision on my behalf. They would have refused knowing without it I could die. My parents would feel at ease with their choice as they and I would have shown Jehovah our ‘love’ for him.

I recently caught myself thinking how people could be so naïve. But I can relate because I’ve been there, i used to be one of those people. With the monotonous answer of ‘God did it’ to any question I was asked. I was completely brainwashed my whole life up until the age of 19. I’m now 22 and i still would be a theist if it weren’t for my now partner Paige. She introduced me to Richard Dawkins through his books and documentaries. It opened up a whole new world that I had never known.

I could not even come close to explaining the ways in which my life has changed. My perception has changed for good and I have a great respect for life on earth. Evolution is far more beautiful and fascinating than I could have ever imagined.

Thank you Richard.
Christian Romeo
Sydney, Australia

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