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Jan 29, 2013

I was at school in South Africa in the 1950s and 1960s, where I was taught that bleks are not as intelligent as whart people hey, and that jesus would put everything rarght because he loved me. Corporal Punishment was the duty of all god-fearing teachers and parents and if that caused me a problem, jesus would help me to take it well. There was a students’ christian union and I used to go to the meetings and prayers they held every lunchtime, mainly because the teacher who ran it was one of the few christians who did not hit boys with sticks. I was open, vulnerable, and inevitably I accepted jesus into my heart at the age of 14. Much worse than Amway. How I hate those people for doing that to me.

But then luckily, when I was 16, I met some older boys who had left the school and they introduced me to Durban Poison, or dagga, cane spirits and other things we must not speak of here in case the mother in law finds out. Gradually I learned what a shit lie and guilt I had been abused with and I eventually found that to get rid of jesus all I had to say was, fuck off, pervert! By the time I was 18 I was starting to develop the parameters of a cold relentless hatred of all religion, which has been and continues to be reinforced by countless outrages against humanity from those who practice it. Now ,at the age of 59, I am frightened by the dark and speading religious insolence exemplified by Razinger’s insults and lies. I am so pleased to find people like Richard Dawkins who can speak out in the media and say things which challenge these evil beliefs. I find it enormously validating and encouraging.

Jack Rainbow

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