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Jan 29, 2013

Mr Richard Dawkins & Friends. October 22, 2010.

I write in appreciation for many years of education and inspiration,
initially from your books (all but The Extended Phenotype, which I
ordered today) and later from websites, You Tube, Facebook, lectures,
debates, tv, videos, etc.

I read and follow other enlightening authors such as Dennett,
Hitchins, Harris, Shermer, Stenger, Diamond, Russell, Sagan, Hume,
Onfray, etc. I applaud all your efforts to bring knowledge, light and
reason to this troubled world, especially by clearly explaining
science, natural & social evolution, secular humanism and non-theism.

I’m Scottish, born 1950, Canada 1952-57, Scotland 1957-70, England
1970-74, Canadian since.
Luckily brought up without indoctrination, I’ve been a freethinker and
secular humanist since childhood, having endured the Clydeside
sectarian issues ingrained in their society, neighbourhoods, schools,
workplaces, soccer, gangs.

Although I read books and attended a few Secular Humanist meetings in
Birmingham, I was busy living life as a mildly educated Scientific
Instrument Maker and Technical Salesman.

After a 16 year marriage, with a son now 23, I’ve lived alone since
1998 and became a heavier reader of books and magazines (mostly cars &
the motor sports I’m part of).

I’ve re-read all my books, especially the philosophy, science,
evolution & atheism themes, several times to get a deeper, wider
understanding and appreciation of the complex beauty of our Universe.
The theories of life and evolution are being investigated in more and
very wonderful ways, for the benefit of those who can think with
reason, logic and clarity. I hope more humans will learn to
understand, accept and be able to live with these truths – before
their mis-understandings and fantasies doom everyone.

As I get nearer to the end of my time on Earth, I am satisfied that my
60 years have been reasonably valuable, altruistic, productive, with
mostly good and entirely secular moral values. I’ve lived small,
beautiful and fairly lightly on this Pale Blue Dot, and am ready to
revert to the Star Stuff that enabled life so long ago.

I give my thanks for your ongoing battle against the closed, narrow
and small minds that are still trying to control humanity to benefit
their meme-complex gods with their revealed dictates.

I just finished The Moral Landscape (1st reading), The Selfish Gene
(3rd reading) and starting The Ancesters Tale (2nd reading) – – – and
I feel better every after sitting.

With best wishes for you, and for life in the universe as we know it so far.
J. MacKenzie Calder, Homo sapiens sapiens, Clan Campbell of Cawdor, Toronto.

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