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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Mr Dawkins

I’d sincerely like to thank you. I am eighteen years old and I spentthe whole of my childhood talking to spirit guides and angels, whichis a damn shame as I was always very inquisitive and academic, really.This past year I gave the matter of my faith a lot more thought. Iknew a good few people who were atheists and I never wanted to engagein discussing my personal faith with them even though I felt sostrongly about it. I guess as much as I liked to think I hadunwavering belief, my convictions weren’t that strong and I wasn’twilling to have them closely examined in case it turned out that whatI did believe didn’t make sense to me after all.

I knew I didn’t agree with the bible, having read it when I was younger. I knewI didn’t agree with church philosophy either so I did a lot ofresearch and read a lot of books and found that I didn’t agree withBuddhist teachings, nor Islamic ones. Stumbling across New Age books Ithought finally I’d found something, and that was fine for a number ofyears. Writing this, I still think I’m a little bit in shock at mysudden turn about. I was reading something last night I’d written downonly months before and it says “I don’t think there’ll ever come atime when I’ll seriously question my faith.” I flicked on in thenotebook to something I’d written about two weeks ago and it’s reallyjust a complete marshaling of all my thoughts and all my doubts andthe mere act of writing it down initiated some snowballing effect thatled to me being up at 2 am on the 8th of December sitting at thecomputer watching The Root of All Evil and grieving, genuinelygrieving. Not only had I lost faith completely, but I’d also losteveryone I’d ever known who’d died and who I expected to see again.And not only had I lost them but I’ve lost my mother, for what commonground can I find with a faith healer? A faith healer who truly believes in what she does and who sincerely has no other wish than tohelp people. Whatever schism there was between us already has now beenwidened a thousand-fold and it breaks my heart.

Even so, I wouldn’t change it for the world because I’m just happy to know thetruth. The amount of videos of you talking, answering questions anddebating I’ve watched since then is ridiculous, all I can say is thankyou ever so much. I think I know what book to ask for from Santa..

Thank you again, you have very much helped me change my life.

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