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Jan 29, 2013

I was born into an extreme conservative, christian, Small-town Texas society, without meeting any other religion throughout my lifetime. I started to question why a loving god was so critical on everything in my life, and the lives of others, and how insignificant it seemed to the overall human race. After reading just a few chapters of your book, I went on an information spree, searching religious texts and information and eventually considered myself an atheist,, and was proud of it. Prayers went on in school. Everyone in my life turned hateful and offended towards the idea. I protested prayers in schools, I complained against the Baccalaureate service I was forced to go to, I’ve had relationship issues with christians, and tried to argue logically against my friends going into a life devoted to god, such as missionaries or nuns. Despite the social deprivation that comes with atheism, I have taught others to question their religion and now I live happily in a liberal college setting near Dallas, free from religious persecutions. I thank you for writing your influential book, and without it, I would be stuck in the depressed, god fearing, half empty life I was living beforehand.

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