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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Prof. Dawkins,

I am writing to you from the Czech Republic, as the son of an Anglican priest and as a convert from Christianity.
I would really like to begin by expressing my admiration for both your courage and your and your relentless determination against organized religion.

I have read every single one of your books. I started with ‘the God Delusion’. I must say that it was quite hard for me to read as there was no translation available in my language at the time. This was basically, what you could call my turning point. With every chapter I read, I understood better where you were coming from and slowly I realized what I believed really, honestly didn’t make sense. The problem was that I had never even thought to question what I had grown up believing. I just took it as fundamental, unquestionable fact. I never thought to ask for evidence: It had never crossed my mind.
Whenever anyone mentioned nature for example, I would think of God’s wonderful creation. Noah’s ark, as an example. It was real. I never thought once that the story had been made up. Looking back now, the story is absolutely laughable! Considering you would have to get thousands upon millions of spices of plants and animals on a boat… for how long?…. It beggars belief! Honestly, it absolutely beggars belief! I don’t want to dwell on that now, though.

Your other books followed ‘the Blind Watchmaker’, ‘River out of Eden’ etc. and I have just finished reading your ‘the Greatest Show on Earth’ that was such a compelling read that I called in sick twice during the week I read it!!! I simply couldn’t put it down!
I know that I have gone on far too long already! I only wanted to tell you one thing, I would like to tell you, you are my hero. You have no idea how much I admire you.

My only wish. My ONLY wish is that there were more people in the world, like you. Without HATE, without DECEPTION, without RELIGION.

Yours most gratefully,
Christopher Kay

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