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Jan 29, 2013

Richard Dawkins convert’s corner.

In a way, I am a recent convert to atheism. Like Richard Dawkins I gave up god as a teenager when I read the first edition of “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or, The Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life”. I didn’t start reading it so much for the science but for the quaint language. I have always had a fascination for physics and mathematics but my quest for knowledge and, more importantly, understanding in the biological sciences didn’t really evolve until later in my life.

Until this point in time I have had my own religion basically a “I don’t careist”. I could not really care whether there is a god or not. It has not been a subject that I thought deserved much attention.

I was then alarmed by an interview with a muslim cleric in Britain who would not condemn the actions of the 911 attacks saying they were not innocent people but “guilty of not believing in Islam”. At the same time I also realise the USA, since WW2, has dropped more bombs on foreign soil than all other nations put together throughout recorded history and I don’t wonder so many bombs have created so many ememies.

For the first time I watched some Richard Dawkins videos and saw his quotation from the book of Judges about the man and guest who offered their virgin daughter and “concubine” for the crowd outside to amuse themselves. I don’t think Richard went nearly far enough in his condemnation of this passage. The crowd raped the concubine to death.

The reference encouraged me to read the rest of the book of Judges. I see parallels between Judah and Hitler, in fact, I see very little difference. The nazi’s search for Lebensraum seems no different to Judah knocking off as many Canaanites or Perizzites as he could.

If an archaeologist thousands of years from now finds a copy of “Mien Kampf” they will probably find it not very different to the bible, in fact, Mien Kampf (without endorsing it) is more honest. In the chapter about Russia:-

The National Socialist movement must strive to eliminate the disproportion between our population and our area – viewing this latter as a source of food as well as a basis for power politics – between our historical past and the hopelessness of our present impotence. And in this it must remain aware that we, as guardians of the highest humanity on this earth, are bound by the highest obligation, and the more it strives to bring the German people to racial awareness so that, in addition to breeding dogs, horses, and cats, they will have mercy on their own blood, the more it will be able to meet this obligation.

I also view the practice of the hebrews in killing the men of another tribe and taking the women as wives to be very similar to the nazis “marriage of (Nordic) Aryans and Jews” legislation. It was not illegal for someone to marry someone who had only one Jewish grandparent.

Just as the scourge of nazism was rightly almost defeated (almost because they still exist) so must the scourge of theism not only because of its opposition to the advancement of science but also its false claim to the moral high ground.

Atheism basically means against the belief in god. From “I don’t careist” you can now count me amongst the atheist population.

John Langsford

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