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Jan 29, 2013


I have to say I was raised to believe in God. Attended church, summer bible school and won several awards (bibles) for perfect attendance and scripture yada yada yada…

Even at a very young age I never was convinced that any of it was true but as a child who has a choice? SO as I grew older I was able to read more and study and learn the truth.
God is a lie heaven is a lie and everything that is written as “gods” word comes from mans mouth..

One day it clicked with me and all fell in to place NONE of it is real. The older I have become more I have researched and my feeling has not changed a damn bit.

The day I gave up on “God” was the best day of my life!! I have never felt better about life than I do now. It is so much more important to live than to look forward to the “afterlife”.
We are here now and this is the gift of the Universe. I am not worried about where I go after death because i know it is the same place I am now, a part of it all.

William E Kirkpatrick

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