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Jan 29, 2013

I always thought that the idea of God was just a bit far-fetched, but for a while was a bit of an agnostic ditherer. I am pleased to say that combined power of The God Delusion and Christopher Hitchen’s God is not Great, has ordered and clarified my thoughts. How could I ever have believed such twaddle? (Because it was drilled into me throughout my school life).

I work in a primary school which is not a faith school, but which seems to have its fair share of visiting vicars, pastors and god-squaddy theatre groups. One of the latter re-enacted the tale of Noah’s Ark (with much added humour to make it enjoyable), and all the while i was thinking, what a nasty piece of work this god of the old testament was. He commited mass watery genocide, which would have included innocent babies and children, not to mention every other creature on earth (except for the famous pairs of everything). – and all this with the aftermath of hurricane Katrina and the Pakistan Floods fresh in our minds. Nevertheless, some would still sell this to our children as a truth!
In my opinion this should have been followed by a discussion about the natural causes of floods, or maybe about how simple tales grow in the telling when passed down the generations. One person even tried to give me a rough idea of the size of the Ark, by saying something like, “It would have stretched from the Post Office about as far as that tree”

Mmmmmmmm, you would have had a job squashing two of everything on to that mate, and just imagine the logistics of collecting them all – “Ham, come over here, just sex this hamster for me, I can’t tell what it is, and no I,m not collecting the rattlesnakes, thats your job”.

Sorry, getting carried away there, but you get the idea.

Seriously though, it is very alarming and something MUST be done. Keep up the good work Richard, you are a clear voice of reason in a world that is still as mad as it ever was.

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