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Jan 29, 2013

At 55 I finally came to the conclusion that the Evangelical Christian perspective of life, living, and an afterlife had at best questionable foundations.

This was after a life of total commitment to this position, being a Church Elder (25 years), preacher, worship leader etc. Raising my family in this tradition as I myself had been. I have my Great, Great, Grandfathers diaries where he records his journeys into the villages of Essex preaching the Gospel !! I was a 5th generation Christian, not your nominal Christian, a proper one.

At Sunday School we sung ‘Jesus loves me this I know – for the Bible tells me so’. Looking back this concept, that what the Bible said about life and this world was true. This subconsciously became my point of reference for all things either material or spiritual. For reasons that are too long to explain a situation occurred that caused me to look a little deeper ! Once the ‘Question Box’ was opened the lid could not be shut !

So started the process; Not even the gospel writers claim to be eye witnesses. Israeli Archaeologist have virtually abandoned the quest to prove the OT accurate or authentic, ‘Global Flood’ – think about it ! young earth ! Original Sin ! Heaven, Hell. You all know the questions. My last 5 years have been the most amazing journey of discovery. So far, at no stage have I read anything, discovered anything or felt anything that has made me stop and reconsider, every intellectual step has taken me further away from my earlier belief system. Surprisingly I am not anxious or concerned . Just fascinated ! and comfortable. How was it that I never asked questions before !

I am not sure if gratitude is appropriate, but the writings of RD and others have helped me to appreciate that there are many factual answers to questions that previously were barely satisfied by myths. Needless to say most of my friends have run a mile! interestingly no one attempts to challenge the issues and virtually no one defends the Bible as a reliable source of truth.

Anyway, that’s enough. Just to say thanks to Richard and express the highest regard for Christopher Hitchins whose powers of communication are truly stunning !


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