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Jan 29, 2013

Very pleased to see you on with Bill Maher. I encourage all my new social friends to ‘denounce their gods’ and become Free.
Great to see someone like your self dear Dr. who is leading this effort. Thank You.

It is about time … WE are Non-Be.LIE.feArs … not just atheists [which can be
considered another set of ‘beliefs’ – please correct me if inaccurate. The time is now – to Raise the voice of Reason based on all the ‘facts’ … The whole world is in danger of being swept away by ‘religious’ predetermined fatalistic mindsets – all according to ‘scripts’ written by ‘good intending individuals’ – who saw ‘more’ in the natural world than what was ‘commnly known and accepted at the time – they ‘transcended’ their times and the confines of ‘earlier’ traditions and teachings …all constructed on the same ‘basic’ foundation – god filled universe – with needs and desires … with weaknesses and truimphs …

Now we have the fullness of Knowledge of all these past ages. we have the means to dismantle all religions and dogma [spirituality – an outcrop of gods and their attachments …
now we know …none of it is worth much to us now anyway. Most of all, we know that repetative receiting of ‘script’ and treating the words as ‘divine’ proclaimations … is absurd at least … we now have much science to prove all these things that were treated as ‘divine’ miraclous and ‘super natural’ – to just that – the misunderstood and misinterpreted ‘Natural World’ – Time to OUT the Non be.LIE.feArs, and stand up for our right to be heard – after all – in the US alone – Atheists [non.be.LIE.feArs are 20% of the GenPop and we are growing in numbers to become as large as any of the [made up religions of gods] –

Most of all – let us be careful not becoming just another – movement that ‘preaches’ – let the only end be the truth and Freedom of Expression [the last vestige of Freedom remaining as the voice of One – Abandon all be.LIE.fs and stop [Be.LIE.fing] Start Knowing – This is the New [est] Paradigm Shift – the time has come for the -sleeper to awaken – and the silent are no more – Out with the gods – in with the DOGS – Adopt a Shelter Dog – Save a Life…

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