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Jan 29, 2013

Thank you Richard,

By clarifying my partial knowledge of evolution, by filling in my own ‘gaps’ about the subject .the intricate mechanisms of genes and life etc.you have banished any doubts I had about being an atheist,turns out I am! I have recently watched every video on YouTube,The God Delusion on tv,so had to join your website and write this letter. You have also happened to re-affirm and rekindle my childhood feelings of delightful fascination of nature,as I walked and played in my beautiful bluebell wood.In my ecstasy there,never once(I am now proud to say) did I have a feeling of a ‘Higher being’ or that a ‘God’ must have created such perfect beauty .If I ever was going to be converted,it would have surely been then,but I do remember thinking, how clever nature was,and how lucky,how privileged I was to be there and a profound feeling of being part of it and that, maybe one day, a ‘grown up’ might tell me more about my secret inner question of “How come I’m alive to see it?!.Yes,’How come I’m alive?’ has been a theme popping up throughout my life,so by now ,you’ve probably worked out, that,YOU are that ‘Grown up’ I’ve been hoping for all along! I feel relieved,and fortunate that you exist in my lifetime or rather,I in yours!

PS I was about 8yrs then,now 47.I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, but it’s been worth every second! Wont bother working that one out,Life’s too short!

Keep up the raising consciousness work,I’m right behind you with, a voice that can now,with brought by knowledge from you and others,hold and maintain the argument,and help spread Darwin’s facts with a more assured hand.

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