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Jan 29, 2013

I have been agnostic for about 2 years, now. My escape from Christianity began with politics and a very good friend. I was always an understanding person. I have been passionate about civil rights since childhood, but always sticking to my religious regulations when it came to homosexual relationships and marriage. Always marching with the religious right, but never hating or even feeling a righteous separation from anyone deemed an abomination by many conservatives. I just followed in step in the voting booth and never opened my eyes. Somewhere around my 22nd year, I started to pay more attention. My best friend, who is a very intelligent man, was liberal and he began to help me “raise my consciousness”. I owe a lot to him.

As time went on, we began to work on my “delusion”. In 2007, I began to really question what I believed. I would say that I became “officially” agnostic in 2008. I downloaded a lecture by Prof. Dawkins in 2009 called “Beyond- Public Lectures” at ASU. That lecture gave me the confidence and security to be at peace with my “great revelation” and I was able to tell my Southern Baptist parents and live openly. I feel so much more at peace, since I put down that “bag”. If you’re out there and sitting on the fence, climb on down. You are the help you are looking for. You don’t need an imaginary support system. You’ve been the one making it happen all along.

Thanks Professor Dawkins
Josh Baker
Kingston, TN

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