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Jan 29, 2013

Well I must say that when I first came to know the name Richard
Dawkins it was by complete accident, a random post on a social network
which included a video documentary of yours. But little did I know
that following that single click, my life was about to change. I’ve
been an atheist for some time now, and as far as I can remember I
recall questioning every aspect of religions even at an early age.
When I was to go through First Holy Communion, I remember that I
rejected the classes. It just felt like I was being lied to, like I
was receiving a formal education on myths which I didn’t think any
adult took seriously.

Until I was older I did not realize that I was much different than a
lot of people I knew. I didn’t have a tendency to do things just
because others did them, and honestly through the early part of my
schooling I wasn’t very popular to say the least. I’ve always had a
tendency to debate, and have been extremely cynical as long as I can
remember. Until a few years ago I didn’t realize that these qualities
were actually good ones, apposed to being told they weren’t for most
of my life.

When I discovered the world of Richard Dawkins and the other rational
scientists which I’m glad to share existence on this planet with, I
discovered that I am not so lonely. I discovered that it’s not so bad
to think and act the way I do, because in all probability it is the
natural way for the human mind to work. I like many people did not
believe, but did fear the myths and legends which were told to me. I
proclaimed atheism but still had a fear in the back of my mind for
many years, “what if there really is something there?” And for the
first time I felt like I could truly look into the sky without being
fearful of anything that could be there, and say “I’m free now.” But
really, I’ve been free all along.

Witnessing the converts corner on this page is a truly magnificent
sight. After reading a few of the letters in detail, I noticed how
many there actually were. Scrolling through the page, seeing
“Freedom” over and over again was definitely a moving experience for
me, even now. The beauty of reality and our universe is something we
are all entitled to experience, and seeing people finally accepting
that is something which brought tears to my eyes.

There are many hateful people out there, in full defense of their way
of life (which to some is the only way they know), and they’re going
to fight until the very end. But I have to thank you and everyone
else who plays a part in this battle for rationality and mental
freedom. And of course, I’ll do my part as well.

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