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Jan 29, 2013

Like one of your earlier posts, I was raised within a Catholic family – albeit one that had lapsed (due to my parents disagreement on the Church’s view on contraception). However, I attended a Catholic school even though I always knew I was not a believer and was always sceptical. Until I read your book The God Delusion, though, I was never comfortable admitting unreservedly and wholeheartedly that I was actually an atheist. I can now say, that I am proud to call myself an atheist and to identify with the thinking that underpins this position. I can now confidently engage in debating with believers in God, Jesus, the Holy Trinity and all the other trappings of Christianity – and have continued to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of atheism. It is liberating to actively rebut the feeble minded people I meet who call themselves Christians, but who have no intellectual basis for their views, usually just a bland, blind faith. The God Delusion was a catalyst for my full conversion to atheism and provided the inspiration to fully embrace it. So thank you Richard for the book, but also for being so intelligent in dealing with the negative press that you constantly draw from the religious community. You really do set an example for us all.

Paul Donohoe,
Surrey, England

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