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Jan 29, 2013

Mr. Dawkins/ RDF Readers,

Upon my first read of The God Delusion, I felt compelled to jot down some notes or quesions that I had in hopes of triggering a response from the author, or at the very least, give the RDF readers something to ponder.

Regarding PAP, the Poverty of Agnosticism, page 70: What if the human race survives another 2000 years, discovering along the way new forms of intelligent life who have never heard of this ‘God’ that we speak of. How many life forms would we have to discover without that knowledge before we as a species finally admit that maybe there really is no god at all?

Regarding the Great Prayer Experiment, page 85: If prayer is all you need, then why be in a hospital at all, surrounded by technology supplied to us by science as opposed to say, going to church, surrounded by your god?

Regarding the Anthropic Principle, page 166: If there are at least one billion planets in the universe with intelligent life on them, how many Star Trek episodes would that generate? (Ok, that question was just for laughs.)

Regarding the God Centre of the Brain, Direct Advantages of Religion, page 197: If neuroscientists found a ‘God Center’ in the human brain, it would be because we put it there. Human brains do not need god. God is a standard that we created to answer questions about the unknown while we were still a species of ‘Toddlers’. Think about this reference to the movie Twins, with (Ugh, I know) Arnold Schwarzewhatever. If you were raised on an isolated island with no contact with anyone else except the one or two people who raised you, then you would believe just about anything they tell you because you have nothing to compare it to. Now imagine that Charles Darwin were the one who raised you. The God Centre would disappear altogether, wouldn’t it? That pretty much disproves the possibility of it ever existing in the first place.

I had SO MANY more questions and thoughts during my reading, but not the opportunity to pen them down for later. Maybe someday I will. For now, my kindest regards to Mr. Dawkins and the staff and readers of RDF. The chief persuasion that I take away from that book is the absolute phenomenal length so called ‘Christians’ or anyone else of ‘Faith’ will go to when cursing the atheistic communities of the world. There is so much hate and anger that lies within them. The ability to cause actual physical harm to another person for their beliefs, or to make comments such as Ann Cult-ers to someone she doesn’t understand, is just scary to me. Is that REALLY what Jesus would do??

Kind regards,
Richard Taylor

P.S. “Given the right elements and a long enough time scale, we are inevitable. We are no more mysterious than trees or frogs.” George Clooney from the film ‘Solaris’

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