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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Mr Dawkins,

I watched your programme last night on Channel 4 (UK).

In your programme you said that 50 years ago in the UK most people were racist, but today there are only a few left – hopefully a dwindling few. 50 years ago most people in the sub-continent i.e. India and Pakistan were also racist, sadly however it appears that most people today in India and Pakistan are still racist due to their religious beliefs, and as a result most of them are dirt poor with few rights in their own country.

Also in your programme there was an interview with a loud-mouth former New York indoctrinated-Jew turned indoctrinated-Muslim. He moaned that women in the West should dress accordingly (no doubt in order not to offend his sensibilities). If you ever meet him again would you please remind him that there are prostitutes (muslim women) in a number of muslim countries and perhaps he should as a good muslim deal with this matter first before he starts to lecture us.

Would it be possible for channel 4 to commission a programme in which you for example examine religion and how it results in poverty and deprivation for millions of our fellow men and women throughout the world?

Thank you for a wonderful and thought-provoking program.

Best wishes,

Richard C.

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