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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Mr. Dawkins

Firstly, before i start with the questions, i must say that I am an avid follower and that you are one of the few who really stand up and give atheism a good backing whenn up against religious dogm, etc etc, you’ve probably heard it all before

Anyway, I have been attending a secondary school, in Ireland and Im into my 3rd year, but i recently, by that i mean about 2 years ago, became an Atheist, which definitely riled up my religion teacher, parents, what have you. I’m certain at this point that I’ve been alienated and isolated from all but a few in my class , many of them are the mere fools who follow tradition without a word of a question. The teachers have given up trying to question or challenge. convert me and get me to pray. Most of the credit is due to you, y’know, those great points and arguments that you brilliantly state in that quaint british accent of yours.
OK, I digress. My question to you is, what do think of the importance or lack of religion in school or growing up. It may be a pain to answer such a question but if you find the time to give even a shred of an answer, i would be grateful.

thank you for reading, keep up the atheism, you’re rocking it.
your loyal follower,

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