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Jan 29, 2013

My family has always been a kind of mixture of beliefs. A blend of
spiritualism with newage movement based on Alan Kardek. We always
understand the most fundamentalist movements such as Christianity or
Islam as something hypocritical, biased and full of flaws.
But our “mixture of superstition,” not: it “explained” everything. Or almost everything.I was wondering when become the time when science and religion would join into one thing, helping only the good of humanity. But with 12 old, something happened. I read an article by Carl Sagan on the pseudoscience.
He completely destroyed the astrology and homeopathy for me, on this day. Good for me. I was starting to get confused by what I read about astronomy and astrology.

At 20 years old, another demolition. At university, in order to obtain a scholarship, I was introduced to what they called “Scientific Initiation and Methods.” So far, nothing to do with my old belief who “explain” the “life after death.” But the scientific method became so fascinating and strong in my daily life that changed my way of thinking about almost everything I did or
thought. But things like “destiny”, karma and reincarnation persevered.

At 25, bought a used old book, a book of ancient philosophy where the first page I came across there is no less with Epicurus and soon after, the story of the Hepathia. I connected the dots and began to feel afraid. Fear of being wrong for such a long time. I closed the book and not opened until recently.

I was really confused and I confess that I felt very lonely.

Then a really cool thing happened. I won a gift certificate to a bookstore and I ended up choosing, “Deus:Uma Ilusão (The God Delusion)” to read. I read it alone. At the end of the book (it took me two days only), a confirmation of what I felt, but much more mature, thoughtful and organized. Everything came to mind while … Epicurus, Sagan, Darwin, Hepathia. Really a scientist thing, I thought … I was relieved. It was what was missing for me at the time, but only briefly. Wanted more. And I still do. Today besides the architect, I am also an amateur astronomer, political activist of PirateParty, photographer and Android developer, beyond what I’m most proud: Free-Thinker.

Thank you for you all.

Ricardo da Costa Lima

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