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Jan 29, 2013

I was born into a Catholic family, was baptized, did catequeze, first communion, and was completing the chrism. Since 11 years, I was questioning me about God, why my god is right, what criteria God had to choose who was going to heaven or not and what is requisite to have their prayers answered. These questions were becoming stronger and others questinamentos were appearing and that increasingly means that religion did not make sense, until at 17 years old, I was totally atheist. Suffered prejudice from religious people who preach peace among people ( ironic, no?) And was afraid to take my position on religion. Until I saw your videos on youtube and your books and found he was not alone, and discovered something even greater: not me who has to shrink from the religion, but religion on reason.

Richard Dawkins. now you are one of the world’s leading atheists. Your help is essential to rid the world of ingnorance and superstition. Keep up the good work spreading their critical thinking and scientific method. Thank you for taking forward this cause.
I have no words to thank your wonderful work, Thanks!

You’re not alone.

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