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Jan 29, 2013

After spending my entire life as a Christian, I began to question my own beliefs. All of the contradicting scientific evidence started to come to an overwhelming head. I, as do many people, had many questions of what proof we have of a creators existence. This question was always met with the same uninformative answer, the proof is in the bible. Any further questioning to our existence would then be met with, you must have faith. Faith can only take you so far and then it becomes a delusion. I was tired of being that child waiting to see the Easter bunny, Santa Clause or Tooth Fairy. The fairytale had lost it’s luster and I wanted answers. In my effort to find new evidence for our existence, I stumbled across “The God Delusion” and “The Greatest Show On Earth.” These books put into light things I had never seen before. Evidence abroad came flowing from these books to give me a whole new out look on life. Thanks to the many men before Richard Dawkins and Dawkins himself, for the wonderful information presented in his books. I am now a proud Atheist and believer in the incontestable evidence for evolution.

Thank you.

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