Scientist publishes first climate change textbook for college students


Dr. Charles Fletcher, Associate Dean and Professor of Geology and Geophysics at the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, released this month the first edition of “Climate Change: What the Science Tells Us” (published by J. Wiley and Sons, Hoboken, NJ). Fletcher offers the first real textbook to present the science surrounding climate change at the right level for an undergraduate student.

“Our climate is changing NOW in rapid and dangerous ways. But by and large, we are not teaching the current generation of students about the reality of this phenomenon,” stated Fletcher. “Without this knowledge, our ability to manage the impacts of a is limited.”

This text places strong emphasis on the peer-reviewed scientific literature in reporting the on the ocean, terrestrial ecosystems, the water cycle, human communities, hazardous weather patterns, and potential future Earth systems. The text offers detailed discussion of , oceanic and atmospheric processes, paleoclimate, the human fingerprints of climate change, , , on economic sectors, and dangerous weather patterns associated with climate change.

For over 30 years Dr. Fletcher has studied and published research on the impacts of coastal hazards on human communities, the geologic history of in the Atlantic and Pacific, and the geologic proxies that characterize Earth’s climate over the past half-million years. His familiarity with the natural record of climate coupled with a focus on the fundamental data and observations that constitute the science of global warming, results in a comprehensive and detailed treatment of the problem of climate change.

Fletcher’s polished writing style makes this an entertaining read while the pedagogical support and organization help students better identify and understand key concepts, ideas and terms. Each chapter is organized with learning objectives, student exercises, videos, and scientific citations to promote further learning, and creative thinking problems to underpin classroom discussion.

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  1. I wonder if “theory, not facts” stickers will end up on this textbook. Actually, since it’s for colleges rather than schools, hopefully it won’t. But we need this stuff in schools eventually, too, so that kind of stunt by right-wingers may happen in a decade or two.

  2. Today’s scientists know that if strong action to counteract climate change is not successfully achieved, within one generation the world will be a place characterized by intense heat waves, widespread disease, drought, food shortages, and deadly super storms. The early signs of these disasters are already evident. “Climate Change: What the Science Tells Us” brings this reality into the college classroom.

    That just about sums up why urgent action is needed.

    I see the first two comments at are incredulous ignoramus denial, which has links to some ignoramus blogger pontificating at a “Hockey-Shit-Thick” denial website – but apparently mistyped “shit” and “thick” when naming the site – before going on to concoct misleading figures and drivel about climatologists not understanding climate history

    (Like wot they do – and so make this comically incompetent posturing pronouncement !).

    Sadly, most climate scientists fail to study or understand the geologic history of climate, which has led to countless false claims that today’s climate is unnatural, extreme, unusual, or unprecedented.

    Ha! ha! ha! ha! Cluelessness personified! – What next? Astronomers who do not study stars perhaps!!

    Where do they find people this ignorant?

  3. About five years ago I thought that climate change was a moan by ill educated people whom I grouped with
    vegetarian idealists ,anti nano idiots, and a whole bunch of pseudo science paranoiacs.
    I read a book by a Prof Plimmer which seemed an effective destruction of AGW.
    However since then ,the evidence is quite overwhelming ;and the writing of a book to warn college students of impending climate change problems is very welcome.
    Curiously there are still chumps around who are against AGW thinking that it’s a piece of nonsense from silly leftards.
    Accepted fact is based on evidence !
    Anyone who does not agree with this principle has mental disease.

  4. In reply to #5 by hellosnackbar:

    Curiously there are still chumps around who are against AGW thinking that it’s a piece of nonsense from silly leftards.

    You touch upon something interesting about the left/right chasm. I see the biggest dangers to our future as climate change and islamization, and evidence are plentiful for both of them. Yet, denial of the one and acceptance of the other situation seems to be equally distributed around the center of the political spectrum. Isn’t that somewhat weird?

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