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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Mr Dawkins,

My mother brought me up to go to bible class and say my prayers. At the age of 16 I refused to be confirmed!
I have read several of your books and the one by Mr Darwin too. Yours, and Mr Darwin’s are to my mind somewhat long winded. For me, evolution is simply common sense.
But there is one question that puzzles me . . . sex! When and how on earth did it come about and develop. I have not found it discussed in your books (or Mr Darwin’s). Given that the eye, that wonderfully complex organism is often used to argue over by both sides, how about sex? How did that evolve? Or how do you think it might have evolved? How come there are male and female versions of most creatures on this planet? I fully appreciate that it is an essential factor for evolution, but how did it start?
I do hope you can educate me on the above.
Good luck with trying to arrest the Pope . . . but I really don’t think he merits the bother!

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